We aim to protect the environment, prevent pollution, and reduce our negative impact on the environment in our operations.

To achieve this:
• We comply with legal regulations and strive to reduce our environmental footprint.
• We make an effort to effectively separate our waste at the source, by type, and according to hazard classes.
• We understand that using hazardous substances and chemicals only when necessary and in the required amounts will reduce both the negative effects on the environment and the amount of waste.
• We contribute to preserving nature by preferring materials with "recyclable" and "eco-friendly" labels when purchasing items for our operations. We strive to create opportunities for reuse.
• We aim to use disposable materials such as paper, napkins, toilet paper, and packaging only as needed, to minimize waste.
• We store waste properly in separate areas according to their characteristics, and deliver them to licensed/authorized companies without exceeding legal storage time limits, while maintaining records.
• We strive to use water, energy, and all natural resources efficiently. We share this sensitivity with our employees, guests, and suppliers.
• We measure our environmental management performance, track this data with targets, and aim to improve our performance.
• We aim to educate our employees on environmental issues and increase their awareness.

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