With its approximately 1,000,000 square meters of area, LykiaWorld Antalya is one of the hotels where you can have the most comfortable holiday with your furry friends. Our hotel accepts only dogs up to 15 kg.

• Dogs stay in the same room with their owners and only one dog is accepted per room.
• Dogs cannot be walked around the hotel without a leash, even if they are trained.
• Dogs are not allowed to enter the restaurant, bars, and pools, even with a leash.
• Since only a limited number of our rooms are suitable for dogs, dogs are not allowed to enter other rooms or be left temporarily.
• Dog owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs in all areas.
• The hotel management reserves the right to check the relevant vaccinations, health documents, etc. of the dogs in accordance with the laws and regulations.
• All dog owners accept in advance that they are responsible for all actions of their pets within the hotel boundaries and that they will compensate for any damage, loss, injury, etc. that may be caused by their pets.
• Dog breeds that are not legally allowed to be kept are not accepted into the hotel.
• Water for the dogs staying with us is provided by our hotel. Guests need to bring their own food.
• The hotel reserves the right to ask dogs that exhibit disturbing behavior towards other guests or dogs to leave the hotel.
• During the reservation process, the guest must fill out the PET FORM stating all the characteristics of the pet such as weight, breed, age etc. This form is sent to the hotel together with the reservation. • Guests must inform the reception when they leave their pets in the room.
• There are towels in the rooms that can be used by pets. If it is determined that guest towels are used for animals, the hotel reserves the right to charge the guest for the towels.

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