In line with the understanding of sustainable procurement, we expect our suppliers/partners to:

• Have Quality Assurance Management Systems, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, and internationally recognized environmental and sustainability ethics/certifications,
• Ensure that their production and supply do not have harmful effects on the environment and comply with environmental legislation,
• Use and consume resources in a manner that does not harm natural habitats or ecosystems, adhering to fishing bans,
• Work to minimize waste and manage it properly, offering alternatives such as reduced packaging or bulk packaging in product packaging,
• Provide environmentally friendly, economical, local, ethically valued, recyclable or recycled material-using, organic, bio, vegan, not tested on animals, free from harmful chemical components, etc.,
• Be a domestic and local production/service provider,
• Reflect products/services that showcase our country's/region's cuisine, traditions, and culture,
We emphasize these criteria to our stakeholder suppliers and work with them to create efficient procurement opportunities, aiming to reduce the environmental impacts arising from procurement processes.

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Room+Golf Reservation
room+golf reservation room+golf reservation
Golf Reservation
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